Stone Among Stones is the first single from The Violent Years` forthcoming album Via Antarctica.

Singer/songwriter Kenneth Bringsdal explains:
- Basically, this song is about one man’s dialogue with his God, and how he sees his sad existence. He`ll do anything to be saved from death and its jaws but realizes that he`s just like everybody else, he is no more than just another stone – fallen to this earth.

Via Antarctica is out April 5th, 2019 on Apollon Records.


Via Antarctica is The Violent Years` long-awaited, third full-length album, a spellbinding venture into planet Earth, exploring the evil, envy and brutality that envelop us.

The album is by far the darkest and most fierce of the bands recordings, and the album’s lyrical themes and concept is based on individuals roaming the earth, dealing with alienation; either preying on each other, or simply letting go.

There is not much hope for the future in these stories. It’s bleak, cold and lonely. Even God is seen as a manipulative figure because he gave us this place of violence and sadness.

Via Antarctica is out April 5th, 2019 on Apollon Records.